The Ultimate Football Betting Sites in 2019

Although most sports involve adrenaline, unusual emotions and sensations, it is not in vain to say the "sport-king" remains the all-time classic football, also known as soccer in some parts of the globe; of all these forms of sports, football has to be the most complete, offering viewers and followers a total show. That is why all bookmakers, both land-based and online, offer a wide variety of formats and outcomes for a football bet. Additionally, being a sport for everyone's sake, with simple rules and involving a maximum dose of adrenaline, even football betting sites have been set up to deal intensively with all types of wagering related to this sport. To wager on a football game you only have to enter the game to be played (placing a pre-match wager) or is in progress (placing live wagers), select the odds that seem higher, depending by the prediction you think you have the best chance to accomplish and tick the desired option and finish placing your wager. If you're wondering where the best football betting odds are, you'll be in for a treat, so get ready to find out the best football betting sites UK.

The Highest Rated Online Football Betting Platforms in 2019

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  • £30
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  • 9.9
  • Bet £10 Get £30
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  • 9.4
  • Up to £30
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  • 9.6
  • £50
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  • 9.3
  • Up To £100
  • in Free Bets
  • 9.5
  • Bet £10
  • Get £30
  • 9.2
  • Bet £5
  • Get £20 Instantly
Acca insurance function refunds your stake in cash
William Hill
Bet £10 Get £30 In Free Bets
William Hill offer a complete gambling panel starting with casino games, table games, bingo, poker and all the way to their sportsbook that is exceptional. read more
Bet £10 Get £30 in Free Bets + £10
A strong offer of odds for sporting competitions all over the world, good bonuses to keep players entertained and a very appealing website, 888Sport is definitely the place to do your sports betting. read more
£30 Money Back
You will be able to place bets on all the footballing competitions in the world with awesome odds and strong bonuses. read more
£50 Free Bet
Ladbrokes is exciting betting markets, great bonus offers and excellent withdrawal processing times, this is definitely one of the top recommendations when it comes to betting online. read more

How to Choose the Right Football Betting Markets for your Action?

Today, anyone who fulfills the legal conditions to wager can learn how to play sports, this being one of the simplest and easiest processes. However, until the wagering phase is reached, choosing an online establishment is the most important stage in this process. The bookmaker or football bookie offers punters the opportunity to place one or more wagers on one or a series of sports events selected by them and which benefit from a winning share, courtesy to the allocated football betting odds. The player places the wager according to the odds offered (which may vary depending on the operator, the event type, its importance, etc.) hoping to obtain a profit (which is the value obtained from the difference between the winnings (the value of the product between the stake offered by the chosen bookmaker and the stake placed by the player) and the stake played.

In any respectable football betting guide, the value of the odds is extremely important, so naturally, it has to represent one of the major conditions when choosing the best bookies for football action. Those interested in learning how to play sports need to know that the quota term is the probability that a specified result will occur. That's why some online establishments will offer a lower or higher stake to punters. Beyond the odds offered (the higher they are, the more attractive they are to the players, indicating the financial strength of the respective operator), when choosing a place to hold your action, you have to keep in mind a series of extremely important criteria, such as it being licensed, having friendly online reviews, as well as an attractive range of wagers, promotional bonuses, and football betting predictions, free pokies.

Football Betting Sites UK Football Betting Sites UK

The Safest Way to Bet on Football Games Online

If you have already learned how to wager, then you have to know that for the simple fact that you decided to choose a specific online operator, it will reward you with bonuses (welcome, deposit, bringing a friend, without filing, for mobile, etc.). The first deposit made immediately after registration will double your prize (100% of the deposit amount), and in some cases, based on bonus codes, you may receive more than one bonus in a Welcome Package. The advantage of such a bonus is that it allows you to find out how to play with wagers without spending your own money, so you will have the opportunity to explore and deepen various types of bets. So, as soon as you have registered on the online sportsbook operators and made the first deposit, request this bonus, if it is not automatically granted to you. Do not forget, however, that these bonuses are subject to terms and conditions, so be better informed about how you can benefit from them. The first step to actually wagering on official sports competitions is to create an account on an online website. Once you've selected the place where you want to test your football betting predictions, it's time to create your player account. This step is very simple, it does not take too long to complete it and it is to supply your personal data and some other information to the agency on which site you will play from now on. All data must be valid, because at the end of the registration form completion, your identity will be verified and you will need to upload a copy of your identity document. Identity verification offers you many advantages, such as access to a number of special bonuses and promotions, as well as the opportunity to enjoy your player's rights and withdraw money earned safely.

Best Football Betting Sites

Right from the beginning of online gambling, players always tried to get some advantage by betting on only the most trusted websites or the ones that offered them the biggest bonuses. Even so, there are some players that will just focus on the best odds with no thinking about bonuses or safety. Well, all that struggle to find the best betting site is now a lot simpler because this page will make help you a great deal. So keep reading to find out which the main betting sites are online today and why it is a good idea to register with them to place winning bets.

CORAL – Great Odds and Bonuses

Coral is one of Britain’s oldest and biggest bookmakers x and they still manage to remain on top even with the strong competition they have to face every day from old bookmakers and the new ones that are launched. Coral is very present both in the online and land-based operations.

CORAL football bets today

The online version gives players an excellent bookmaker plus bingo, casino and many other gambling products, while the offline presence consists of over 1800 shops spread across the United Kingdom. Coral was founded by in 1926 by Joe Coral as a family business. With a keen sense for business and some help from the authorities that modified the gambling law, the business quickly boomed. From there to the online sportsbook giant, many things have changed, however, the respect for players and fairness has always remained a cornerstone for Coral.

If you are looking for really good odds, a nice welcome bonus to boost your winning chances a top-class customer service, then Coral bookmaker is the place for you. The odds they offer are very competitive and you can even enjoy some boosted odds if you are lucky enough. The welcome bonus offered by Coral is good enough to boost the chances of any kind of player, experienced or not. And right after the welcome bonus is enjoyed, you will be able to enjoy other promotions such as accumulator specials or reload bonuses for each new deposit you make. Another important aspect that makes Coral a good place to bet at is the banking department. They offer a wide range of deposit methods that can meet the needs of any payer, all around the world. From credit or debit cards, vouchers, ewallets, instant banking tools or even mobile phone paying, you will find them all right here.

As far as withdrawal processing speed is concerned, Coral is known to be one of the fastest paying sportsbook in the UK and in the world with a KYC procedure that only lasts a few minutes and is only done once. The bottom line is that Coral is a great betting site you can try right away!

Betfred – All about Football

If you are looking for great odds and the possibility to place awesome football bets without having to worry about safety or receiving your payments, Betfred is the place you should bet. With awesome promotions starting with your first deposit and accompanying you throughout the journey with them, Betfred is a sportsbook that really knows how to take good care of their players.

Betfred – Football Betting Site

Place bets on the strongest football championships in the world and get access to all the best statistics and tips on how to win more. It’s all designed to help you win more than at a regular bookmaker so you should really learn to use all the tools Betfred propose for you. As far as reputation is concerned, you won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to Betfred since they are a top-class sportsbook based in UK.

Actually, Betfred is the biggest bookmaker in the world that is still owned by a single person. The name itself comes from its owner, Fred Done, that started the entire business with a single shop in the UK and worked his way up to building what you can easily call an empire. An important part about any bookmaker is the way they handle the financial transactions and you should know that Betfred is SSL encrypted for all personal and banking details. Apart from that, deposits are instant with no additional fees and withdrawals are always processed as fast as possible. In some situations you will need to go through a quick Know Your Customer procedure that is done very quick and usually involves sending some kind of ID.

Also, if you ever have any questions regarding a withdrawal, bonus or transaction you can contact their 24/7 customer support department via live-chat, phone or email. If you’re calling from the UK you won’t pay a thing and if you’re outside the UK you can simply ask for a call back.


Betfair is another giant in the gambling and betting industry of the UK and the entire world. But there’s something that puts them aside when compared to all the other bookmakers out there is that they function as a betting exchange.

This means that, just like a financial exchange, players have the opportunity to trade odds and place bets one against the other. For example, I want to bet that in a Arsenal vs Chelesea match, Arsenal will win. And I give Arsenal a 1.40 odd to win. If you think that I am wrong and wish to back-up this bet, you can do so through Betfair.

Betfair - Football bookie

This new approach on betting is really catching on and this is not the only strong point that Betfair can be proud of. They also offer some great bonuses on the sportsbook side of operations and they recently introduced a system that checks the odds you are going to bet on and, if the odd is better on the betting exchange, then it will automatically offer you the one on the betting exchange.

Besides this, you always have the option to cashout whenever you feel like without waiting for the outcome of the placed bet. This is a great feature that allows you to make an instant profit if the result is going the way you predicted and, at the same time, it is a great opportunity to cut down on your loses in case you see that things don’t really go your way. These two new features really helped Betfair boost the business since they weren’t doing so hot on the sportsbook side before but, once again, they showed everyone that with some key changes you can turn everything around.

Ladbrokes – Amazing Football Betting Odds

With an amazing history behind it, Ladbrokes is definitely one of the giants in the gambling industry. Based in the UK, just like all other major brands, its history goes back all the way before the 1900 but the modern version of Ladbrokes is what makes gamblers smile. With exciting betting markets, great bonus offers and excellent withdrawal processing times, this is definitely one of the top recommendations when it comes to betting online. And that can be easily be backed up by the thousands of positive reviews from happy customers all around the globe.

Ladbrokes Football Betting Site

The main thing that gets praised about Ladbrokes is the way they handle withdrawals. With lightning-fast speeds and complete privacy regarding your personal and banking details, the guys at Ladbrokes will make sure that you get your winnings within a 24-hour time frame from since you selected it.

Another great aspect that is being mentioned by a lot of customers is their customer support team that does an extremely good job at answering all the questions or taking care of any technical difficulty players may run into. The fact that there are available in more than a dozen languages and that you can get in touch with them 24 hours a day through email, phone or live-chat is simply great in terms of taking care of players. Last but not least, we will approach the promotional offers and bonuses offered by Ladbrokes both to new players in the casino but also ones that are loyal and play a lot. Right from the start, a strong welcome bonus is designed to increase the winning chances of new players through an extended gameplay. Afterwards, you can go with a lot of different bonuses, depending on the bets you like to place.


If you’re looking for great bonuses and strong odds to place winning football bets then Betway is the place for you. You will get awesome odds on all football competitions no matter their level and as an extra you can also access a lot of betting tips and statistics to help you create a winning bet slip. Furthermore, the rewards system they have in place will guarantee a nice amount of bonuses coming your way to boost your gameplay and winning chances. And speaking of bonuses, perhaps the most attractive and praised bonus in their offers is the one addressed to players that love a good accumulator bet. It has a very simple system and it rewards you with a percentage bonus depending on how many options you choose for your accumulator.

Betway bet on football matches

The minimum to guarantee a bonus is 3 options in your bet but if you add more to that you will get a bigger and better bonus. 10 options, for example will give you a return of 30% out of your stake that you can use to place more bets to increase the bonus amount and winning chances.

Also, there’s the bet insurance option which works like a charm if you know how to use it. And it’s really simple actually! You place a bet then the option to add insurance to it appears automatically. Depending on the value and possible return of the bet you will have to pay a certain extra amount. If your bet turns out to be a winning one, you will get the entire amount paid in the account, minus the amount you paid as insurance. But if your bet is lost, you will get the initial stake back in the account so it’s a great way to reduce the risk of losing your money.

William Hill

If you’re remotely connected with betting and online gambling, then you definitely heard about William Hill before. They offer a complete gambling panel starting with casino games, table games, bingo, poker and all the way to their sportsbook that is exceptional. You can place bets on all the sports you can think of with odds that are very competitive and appealing. When you add a great bonus system and a spotless customer care team, you get the perfect sportsbook out there. And you don’t have to take our word for it, you can simply check all the other thousands of positive reviews on any other website you wish.

William Hill Football Betting Tips

William Hill is simply spotless when it comes to gambling services and they do not offer just sports betting but you will also be able to enjoy some nice casino games like online slots, poker, blackjack or even a live-casino option. And the awesome gaming experience is not destined only to players enjoying the action from home, through a PC or a laptop. The truly shining jewel of William Hill is their mobile app which allows players to have the same exciting gaming experience and thrill while they’re on the move.

What better way to kill some time during your daily commute or while you’re in the lunch break than placing some bets on your favorite team or enjoying some spins in the casino? And if you’re not that convinced about their mobile application, you should find out that they also received rewards for it. If that doesn’t really impress you, what about when you’ll learn that William Hill offers special bonuses for players enjoying their sportsbook through a mobile device? Definitely worth a shot now, right? Sign-up right now, enjoy their amazing welcome bonus and place winning bets with the help of the statistics and data made available to players for free.


Unibet is another big name in the gambling industry but even though they are around for more than 20 years, they didn’t find their way to the top until recently. A new management switched their focus to the Nordic market and things really started to boost for them. Now you will be able to place bets on all the footballing competitions in the world with awesome odds and strong bonuses. Of course, making it big on the Nordic market it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to treat other players. Their customer service is excellent and you will really feel like joining a new family. That is being reflected by the fact that the website is translated in over 30 languages and there are just as many available when you contact support.

Unibet Football Betting Site

Unibet goes out of their way to make sure you are comfortable while betting with them and that’s a great thing considering that some big bookmakers in the industry forget about the importance of being loyal and true to your player. Another thing that shows how player-orientated Unibet is comes from their customer care philosophy. They have someone always available no matter the time of the day or if it’s a holiday or not. You will be able to find answers to your questions, get more info on a certain promotion that you didn’t fully understand or simply request some info on your last game session.

You can get in contact through live-chat, email or phone and you will always find a smiling face at the other end. So, waste no more time and join this amazing bookmaker to get the gambling experience of a life-time and win big.

Stan James

Yet another typical British bookmaker that manages to stay on top of the competition through great odds, good customer service and a bonus scheme designed to reward players no matter how much they play. Stan James is a newer star in the constellation of sportsbooks but they have found the recipe for success very fast. They allow their members to place bets on all imaginable sports, eSports included and the bonuses offered are tempting enough to keep everyone happy and enjoying the action.

Stan James Football Betting Guide

Stan James is part of the betting industry starting with 1973 when they established a series of outlets in the United Kingdom. But as soon as technology allowed it, the operation boomed and an online operation was opened as Stan James were among the first bookmakers to allow in-play betting, a thing that became a trend for every sporstsbook afterwards. When it comes to odds, you will find out that they are very competitive, especially on football and horse racing but you will be able to place bets with great odds on other sports as well.

There’s a total of 30 betting markets available there so you’ll have plenty to choose from. When it comes to bonuses and promotions, Stan James doesn’t really shine but they are very transparent about that, encouraging players to play with their own funds. If you have any questions, the 24/7 support team is available through phone, live-chat or email so you will be able to contact them whenever you need them. Creating an account with Stan James only takes a few minutes and you will be able to unlock all their amazing features and have a truly fine gambling experience.


Part of the immense 888 Holding, 888Sport is their sportsbook division and, just like any other 888 product, it delivers impeccable services to their players. A strong offer of odds for sporting competitions all over the world, good bonuses to keep players entertained and a very appealing website, 888Sport is definitely the place to do your sports betting. One of the most diverse online football betting offers on the market nowadays comes from 888sport, a platform that gives you the opportunity to wager on a wide range of leagues and championships (including the Champions League or the Europa League) and the opportunity to watch live, the most important football matches that take place on a daily basis in world champions.

888Sport Football Betting Site

888sport offers all newly registered members the possibility of committing to a first official wager of only £10, which they will reward with a solid £30 in Free Bets plus an extra £10 in Casino Bonus money. You can find out everything you should know about this sweet deal right here, and make sure to check out their special Weekend Booster as a cherry on top. With all these amazing deals and perks you can enjoy, it’s hard not to think about creating an account and enjoying 888Sport to the fullest.

It’s a site with a great reputation that we strongly recommend and if you’re not yet convinced you can just take some time and go through their website and convince yourself that this is really the way to go. Another way you can make up your mind if signing-up with 888Sport is a good idea is by having a chat with one of their support representatives. The kindness and willingness to help with any issue or question you may have, will definitely make you think it’s worth a shot and then you will fall in love with the services of this extraordinary sportsbook. Join now and win big!


Last on the list, but definitely not least, Bet365 is one of the most attractive sportsbooks in the world with players all the territories you can think of. They make available for their players a complete range of casino products and sportsbook. With over 20 million customers from 200 countries, the size of their operation cannot be contested by anyone.

Bet365 Online Football Betting Site

Bet365 know how to take full advantage of a developing market and managed incredible things with the aid of a great marketing strategy and great services. And since we spoke about the great bonuses and deals that you will be able to get by joining bet365 right away, let’s take some time and discuss them in more details. The opening offer from one of the biggest names in the industry, bet365, goes up even higher, matching each new member’s first deposit. Apart from this great start, the treats that will follow down in line will turn out even nicer.

Promotions such as the Euro Soccer Bonus, the Bore Draw Money Back or the possibility of Unlimited Places on First Goalscorer for E/W Wagers are what truly set bet365 apart from the rest of the operators, denoting their absolute focus on their members’ entertainment and preferences. If these remarkable promotions did not convince you yet that bet365 is the right place for you, make sure to subscribe to their newsletters and stay in touch with all of their updated offers because there’s a lot more going on with custom-tailored deals depending on international events and holidays and other cool stuff.

Understanding and Identifying the Best Football Betting Odds

Odds directly influence your way of wagering, so it would be ideal to identify the best sportsbooks to offer you. Here are some of the criteria you need to keep in mind when deciding where to place your action: choose the best payout rates - any agency that has over 92% payout is worth taking into account. Even if it involves a tour of your own strength, it monitors the types of wagers that you use constantly and write down the odds offered for the bets that interest you. This way you can draw a hierarchy of the most advantageous odds and you will be able to place your bets wherever you are offered the best quotation; if you like the diversity in wagering (in terms of sports), then see the degree of differentiation in the odds offered for certain sports and choose that truly special operator that offers close odds as a value to most of the sports that interest you. Choose a football betting site with cash out, that constantly offers good odds regardless of the importance of the games that take place.

Football Betting Odds Football Betting Odds

What exactly are the football betting odds?

Suppose you want to wager that the host team will win at a football match. But teams do not always start with equal chances, and usually a team will have more chances than the opponent to win the match. These chances will be determined by their allocated "odds". Each possible outcome has a certain share, so that online sportsbook can provide customers with fair gains that are directly proportional to the actual winning chances. Quotas are also used to balance the money placed on all possible outcomes so that football bookmakers do not lose money regardless of the outcome of the match. Let's take an example. We have a match between team A and team B, but team A is more likely to win. She has the advantage of her own field, she is higher in the rankings, usually gets better results than her opponent, has more valuable players, etc. Under the circumstances, a lot more punters choose to count on team A. The agencies expect that about 75% of the stake will wager on team A, 15% on a draw and only 10% on team B victory. Under the circumstances, those who have wagered on team A win will make a return equivalent to a maximum of one third of the staked money if their bet is winning. So if someone wagers £150 on Team A, the potential earnings will not be higher than £200 (so profit up to £50) and often will not even be that. The best bookies for football tend to give their favorites a higher share than reality, while outsiders also offer small bonuses to persuade punters to place bets on the lower ranked team.

Types of Football Betting Odds

There are several types of odds, but 3 of which are somewhat more recognizable worldwide, and one type is consistently used consistently across the globe.

  • Decimal Quotas (European Quotas) - They will be represented by a number that must be multiplied by the stake to reflect the potential winnings. For example, if you bet £100 to a 3.50 odds, you will have a total win of £350, so you will make a £250 profit > Total Winnings: 100 * 3.50 = £350 > Profit: £350 - £100 = £250;
  • Fractional odds (UK odds) - As the name says, these odds are represented by a fraction. The idea is that if you bet a sum of money identical to the value of the denominator, then your profit will be equal to the value of the counter. Suppose we have a 9/10 quota. This means that for every 10 units you will have a profit of 9 units. So if you wager £100, you will earn a total of £ 190, £90 being the profit > Profit: 100 * 9/10 = £90 > Total earnings: £100 + £90 = £190;
  • American Covers (Money line) - These are represented by numbers greater than or equal to 100. Each number has the plus (+) or minus (-) symbol beside it. These symbols highlight the relationship between stakes and the wins. If the number is represented by a "+" then it means that the profit is higher than the initial stake. If the number is represented by a "-", then it means that the profit is less than the billed amount. The calculations for the two types of odds are quite different, as you can see below. The football betting odds represented by a minus show how much they should bet to earn a certain amount of money (the land amount is typically £100). For example, a -130 odds means you have to wager £130 to make a £100 profit. On the other hand, the odds represented by a bonus show you how much you can earn when betting £100. For example, if you see+140 odds, it means betting £100 will make a £140 profit.

Other types of odds:

  • Hong Kong odds – they can be considered equal to the European share of -1.00. For example, European odds of 3.50 will be 2.50 in Hong Kong odds. Multiplying this quota with the initial stake will result in the value of the profit.
  • Indonesian Odds - they are very similar to the US version, but divided by 100. An American share of +120 will be +1.20 in Indonesian quota.
  • Malaysian Odds - are of two types: positive, when the profit is equal to the stake between the stake and the share, and negative, when the profit is equal to the stake / share.

Where is every type of odds used?

The answer to this question is fairly easy and relies heavily on the name of each type of odd in part. US odds are mainly used in the US, fractional (British) odds in the United Kingdom, and European (European) decimal in the rest of Europe. However, any football bookie, regardless of the country of origin, will give you the opportunity to view odds in the desired format out of the three main versions described above.

Hot Tips for your First Bet on Football Games

Football Betting guide Football Betting guide

For a beginner who barely discovers how to wager on football online, placing the first bet can be a problem, especially if viewed from the perspective of the many bets available. If, in the case of a simple wager, things do not seem so difficult, what happens to combos, system, battery or base bets? For this you will need a betting guide to study with great care, and the great advantage of anticipation. In terms of placing your first wager you do not have to worry. Start with the best football tips and a simple bet because you only have a match to bet on. Choose a match between two teams you know or know about as much information as possible. On the website you will have found that particular game, click on it and you will open a menu in which you will find the odds for winning hosts, equal, win, number of goals, under / over, cards, etc. . Do not venture into betting on something that seems hard to anticipate, so place your wager on the simplest possible win (1 × 2). Choose the option that seems more plausible to you or which you think is more likely to materialize and place your bet.

Follow the run of the game and look forward to seeing if your option is the winning one. In the event of confirmation, then you will benefit from a profit, depending on the quota offered to your option. In the negative, you will lose the bets, if you did not benefit from a no-risk bet.

Types of Football Bets Today

True fans and followers are always up to date with the latest special football betting promotions. In online betting on football, the operators offer players very attractive bonuses or welcome packages, with the opportunity to use these rewards to test their abilities in this sport. In addition, for fans of football betting odds, there are various promotions such as battery bets, cash backs, risk-free bets where they can use the bones received at registration. For example, a welcome bonus can be turned into a no-risk bet and placed on a football event. You can find reliable instances of this type of Bonuses on both Unibet and Betfair.

Conclusions: Which Football Betting Markets have the most Diverse Promotions?

The reality is that not all agencies offer equally good odds; some have a higher payout, while others prefer to maintain a more consistent profit margin (which means lower odds for customers). It is important to note from the start that it is not good to judge a betting house according to the odds offered on a single match. Some of the best bookies for football may have higher odds on a certain sport, a certain type of bet (break / final) or a certain type of matches (important competitions or second hand matches). That is why there is no agency that offers constantly better odds than competition. We also have no tools to measure the average payouts for a long time. And to make such an eye comparison would not be right.

When it comes to the diversity of these types of bets, Unibet has to be one of the best places in the entire online bookmaker environment. Besides benefiting from the best football tips of the hour, as well as an extremely compelling football betting guide, punters can also watch live football matches that are interest them more, and also have the opportunity to bet on other parties whose results are displayed in real time. And when it comes to authenticity and uniqueness, Betfair is the only football betting site that has a double betting section. The first section is devoted to bets between players, and the second is the regular sportsbook platform. In addition, there are other interesting and innovating features that make Betfair one of the most advanced online football betting sites. For instance, their offers and available promotions are optimized for all major mobile platforms nowadays, including fast and reliable mobile apps for IOS and Android.

This platform also includes an extremely accurate Live Streaming section and is generally renowned for providing the best odds for soccer matches in the Premier League and Primera Divison challenges. As for the all-time best football betting sites UK, the preferential number one position is inarguably secured by the long time reputed operator, William Hill. Their huge portfolio includes a large area of sports such as American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Football/Soccer, Tennis, Motor Sports, Boxing, Lightweight Athletics and Winter Sports. Moreover, here, punters can also bet on Handball, Volleyball, Golf, Rugby, Cricket, Snooker, Darts and Gallic Sports. Of course, betting on Horse Racing and Dog Racing is also welcome. Nevertheless, when it comes to football, William Hill is a top industry leader and has been like this for a very long time now. They have earned the title of best bookies for football not only through some state of the art odds and football betting tips, but also through their extremely intricate and advanced betting options:

  • Special bets - the betting house offers alternative methods of betting for most sports. In football matches, for example, bettors can place stakes on the "correct score", the first or second half, the total number of goals or they can place handicap bets. Users can also bet on who will be the best, the first or last player to score a goal.

  • Live Betting – Enthusiasts can find relevant information through the Betlive Console. This option is available for football, tennis, basketball and snooker among other sporting disciplines.

And right before you get started on your first real money betting adventures, a small departure tip would advise any newcomer out there to register an account on not one, but a couple of the afore mentioned online football betting sites, in order to ascertain the advantage of comparison as well as to increase the chances for a surprising result exponentially.